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Transparent Chart


To make the chart's background transparent and see other web page elements through it, search for and change the wmode setting in the web page code:

   'wmode', 'transparent',   


Transparency affects performance dramatically, even when there is no visible animation.


Valid wmode values are:

  • Window: Plays the application in its own rectangular window on a web page. Window indicates that the Flash application has no interaction with HTML layers and is always the topmost item.

  • Opaque: Makes the application hide everything behind it on the page.

  • Transparent: Makes the background of the HTML page show through all the transparent portions of the application and can slow performance.

  • Opaque windowless and Transparent windowless: Both interact with HTML layers, letting layers above the SWF file block out the application. Transparent allows transparency so that HTML layers below the SWF file might show through if a section of the SWF file has transparency; opaque does not.



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