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Full Screen


This feature allows viewing charts in full screen.

Full Screen works with one chart at a time. Joined charts can not be viewed together. Turn off Full Screen in joined charts, or use composite charts instead.

Full Screen may produce some rendering artifacts on some browsers when using functions such as update. Test your chart on all browsers to determine whether to activate Full Screen or not. Reload the web page to recover from rendering problems.

The Full Screen mode must be activated by a user action (mouse click). It can not be activated from an external javascript command. This is a flash security feature that the tool itself can not work around.

Recent Flash player versions prevent saving features and full screen mode from a context menu. For security reasons, these features now require a direct mouse event (user click) and can only be activated via buttons. See link for details.


Context Menu

Full Screen is available by default by right-clicking a chart and selecting Full Screen from the context menu:


To remove Full Screen from the context menu, see the Context Menu page.



The Full Screen function can be added as a custom button anywhere on your chart. See the link's target attribute for details.



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