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XML Source


The download package comes with the sample.xml source file. This XML source file contains the XML code that describes a chart for the tool to render. It can be opened in any text editor to be modified.


Source Name

The XML source file can be renamed. If you use a different file name, update FlashVars in the web page like this:

'FlashVars', 'library_path=charts_library&xml_source=my_XML.xml'


If the XML source is not in the same directory as your web page file, its URLs must contain the appropriate relative or absolute file paths in the web page. Example:

'FlashVars', 'library_path=charts_library&xml_source=/xml/my_XML.xml'


Dynamic Source

The source can be any XML source. It can either be a static XML document prepared manually, or any script file that generates the XML code dynamically. For example, a PHP script can be used to output the XML code (see Scripting):

'FlashVars', 'library_path=charts_library&xml_source=sample.php'


Javascript Source

To pass the XML code to the tool from javascript, see Javascript to Flash.


HTML Source

To pass the XML code to the tool from the web page without using an independent XML source file, replace xml_source with xml_data, and pass the XML code without line breaks like this:

'FlashVars', "library_path=charts_library&xml_data=<chart><chart_type>bar</chart_type><chart_border color='FF0000' /></chart>"

Notice that the FlashVars value is now between double-quotes to accommodate the single-quotes in the XML code.

Browsers have undocumented limits on the amount of data passed to Flash this way. Test your chart on all browsers. Use this method at your risk.

Some characters such as '%' cannot be passed to the tool via xml_data. Avoid this method to avoid its limitations.



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