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1. Download XML/SWF Charts, decompress the download package, and place the following files in the same directory anywhere on your web server:

  • charts.swf
  • charts_library
  • AC_RunActiveContent.js
  • sample.html
  • sample.xml


All these files are necessary. However, you will only edit and deal with sample.html and sample.xml.

charts.swf is the main flash tool. charts_library is a folder of files used by the tool to render different chart types. AC_RunActiveContent.js contains javascript code to detect the flash version installed by end-users and to insert the flash tool into web pages. sample.html is the web page that displays a chart. sample.xml is the XML source file that describes a chart.


2. Preview the sample.html web page in a browser. Because the XML code in the sample.xml source file does not describe a chart, this example generates a basic, default chart like this:


3. To edit the chart, open the sample.xml source file in any text editor, add the necessary XML elements, and then reload the web page:


   <!-- change the chart to a bar chart -->


If the browser keeps showing the same chart after editing sample.xml, empty the browser's cache or see Caching for a permanent solution.



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