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Upgrading from a version before 2.0 requires a new license, or you may run an unlicensed 2.x.





Version 2.6

  • Fixed a rare bug caused by some browsers and the latest flash player, which produces tiny or partly offscreen graphics.

Version 2.5

  • Added a background_alpha parameter to image to display slides over the web page's background
  • Added a forward and backward actions to link
  • Enabled link to call javascript functions
  • Enabled javascript to control the slideshow

Version 2.4

  • Added the ability to adjust the volume through action and link

Version 2.3

  • Added a purge parameter to each slide to manage the slideshow's memory usage

Version 2.2

  • Added support for unicode text (UTF-8 or UTF-16)
  • Added the ability to use non-embedded fonts to display special characters and any language
  • Limited the embedded fonts to Arial bold
  • Added custom controls and control bar
  • Added support for flash (.swf) slides. This may include advanced features like actionscript, and other file formats like gif, mpeg, etc.
  • Added transitions spin and zoom

Version 2.1

  • Added keyboard support to the slideshow's controls

Version 2.0

  • Synced the features, version numbers, and licenses of XML/SWF Slideshow and PHP/SWF Slideshow. The same slideshow.swf is now used by both tools, and either a PHP or XML slideshow source can be passed to it. One license is valid to run either or both tools


Version 1.0

  • First release



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