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Download - XML/SWF Charts 5.120


Because Adobe Flash is not supported on many portable devices, this tool has been discontinued. Use a tool like Google Charts instead.


Pick any package below to download XML/SWF Charts:


Upgrading from a version before 5.0 requires a new license, or you may run an unlicensed 5.x.

To upgrade your 4.x chart code to 5.x, see this page



Version 5.120

  • Fixed vertical guide to display the exact label of the data point the guide snaps to.


Version 5.119

  • Added the save_as_bmp, save_as_jpeg, and save_as_png targets to link.


Version 5.113


Version 5.111


Version 5.110

  • Fixed multi-line tooltips in multilanguage text.


Version 5.101


Version 5.095

  • Fixed a random bug on some browsers, which displays the default chart or the spinning wheel endlessly.


Version 5.09

  • Migrated from Actionscript 2 to Actionscript 3 to improve preformance and add new features.
  • Increased the Flash Player requirement from version 9 to 10. The web pages displaying the tool must be edited to reflect this change.
  • Added embed to import new fonts in addition to the default Arial font.
  • Replaced jpeg_url in context_menu with faster save_as_bmp, save_as_jpeg, and save_as_png.
  • Added the blend attribute to the draw function.
  • Enabled updates in Full Screen mode.
  • Enabled displaying charts within SlickBoard.
  • Added the stretch attribute to chart_pref.
  • Added the wheel_x and wheel_y attributes to link and link_data.
  • Added the background_color_2 attribute to chart_note and tooltip.
  • Added note_color, note_background_color_1, and note_background_color_2 attributes to chart_data note.
  • Added the toggle_children attribute to legend.


Version 5.08

  • Added the Stopped_Scrolling attribute to the flash_to_javascript function.
  • Added the zero_line attribute to the chart_pref.
  • If axis_value's mode is set to "stretch", then toggling the legend updates the axis range in applicable chart types.
  • Scroll bar is updated when scrolling is triggered by javascript.


Version 5.07

  • Added the Button graphic element to the draw function.
  • Added target='scroll' to link to create buttons that scroll (or zoom) the chart to predefined positions. See gallery example.
  • Added Toggle Legend to Javascript to Flash Communication.


Version 5.06

  • Added chart_note and chart_data note to attach notes to chart points.
  • Added tooltip to define the look of the tooltip.
  • Added the tooltip attribute to chart_data's <number> tags, and deprecated position='cursor' and the background_color attribute in chart_label.
  • Added the tooltip attribute to link, and deprecated its text, font, bold, size, color, background_color, and alpha attributes.
  • Added the connect attribute to chart_guide.


Version 5.05


Version 5.04

  • Added the mode parameter to the javascript Update_URL and Update_XML functions.


Version 5.03


Version 5.02

  • Added the scroll_detail and stop_detail attributes to scroll to manage and scroll large charts smoothly.
  • Added the select attribute to chart_pref to select slices in pie charts (click slices to detach them from the pie).
  • Added corner_tl, corner_tr, corner_br, and corner_bl attributes to draw rect to enable drawing rectangles with rounded corners.
  • Added corner_tl, corner_tr, corner_br, and corner_bl attributes to chart_rect to enable drawing charts with rounded corners.


Version 5.01


Version 5.0

  • Added scroll to make charts scrollable.
  • Added streaming and animating data by adding the mode and span attributes to update.
  • Enabled rotating 3d charts by clicking and dragging them. Added the drag, min_x, max_x, min_y, max_y parameters to chart_pref.
  • Added 3D Area, Stacked 3D Area, and Bubble chart types.
  • Added support for scalable charts.
  • Added interactive chart guides.
  • Added support for unanimated GIFs and PNG in draw.
  • Added the mode parameter to axis_value and axis_category to determine the range behavior.
  • Improved performance.

  • Added filter to define visual effects.
  • Added effects to chart_data to apply physical attributes to graphic elements of a chart.
  • Added shadow, bevel, glow, and blur attributes to axis_category.
  • Added shadow, bevel, glow, and blur attributes to axis_value.
  • Added shadow, bevel, glow, and blur attributes to legend.
  • Added shadow, bevel, glow, and blur attributes to chart_rect.
  • Added shadow, bevel, glow, and blur attributes to chart_label.
  • Added shadow, bevel, glow, and blur attributes to draw.

  • Added context_menu to support context menu commands.
  • Added Full Screen mode to view charts in full screen..
  • Added Export to JPEG support in the context_menu.

  • Added timeout, retry, and spinning_wheel parameters to link to control its update behavior.
  • Added timeout, retry, and spinning_wheel parameters to link_data to control its update behavior.
  • Deprecated update's fail parameter and added the timeout & retry parameters.
  • Added the timeout and retry parameters to draw image.
  • Added timeout & retry parameters to the source and library files.

  • Added Flash to Javascript functions.
  • Added Javascript to Flash functions.
  • Added middle-up and middle-down to chart_label's position attribute for the column and stacked column charts.
  • Added layout="hide" to legend.
  • Added support for zero line_thickness in line charts.
  • Added point_size preference for line charts.
  • Added toggle_fullscreen to link's target.

  • Combined series_gap and series_switch into series.
  • Combined legend_label, legend_rect, and legend_transition into legend.
  • Replaced chart_value with chart_label.
  • Replaced chart_value_text with the label attribute in chart_data.
  • Replaced axis_value_text with axis_value_label.
  • Replaced live_update with update.
  • Replaced the live_update target in link and link_data with update.
  • Deprecated chart_pref's reverse parameter (bar chart always grows from top to bottom).


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