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Frequently Asked Questions - Troubleshooting


1. I cannot install the Flash Player. Why is that?

See this Flash Player Troubleshooting page.


2. My chart doesn't appear at all. All I see is a blank rectangle!

This happens when the tool doesn't find the charts.swf file. To verify this, right-click or control-click the blank area. If the flash file wasn't found, then you should see the line "movie not loaded". To fix this, make sure the charts.swf URL is correct (try an absolute URL instead of relative.) If your server is case-sensitive, use the correct case.


3. The tool takes 30 seconds to load, then I get a "Loading .. timed out" error message. Why is that?

This usually happens when the tool can't find, or can't access the file shown in the error message. In this case, place the file on the same server as charts.swf, and make sure the URL is correct (try an absolute URL instead of relative.) If your server is case-sensitive, use the correct case. If the file is protected, make sure the tool can access it without passwords. Type the file's url in a browser to verify that it is accessible.


4. I can only generate the default chart. Why is that?

This happens when charts.swf can't recognize the content of the source file.

The source file must be free of errors or it will generate unrecognizable data. Make sure the source file is constructed in exactly the same way shown in the tutorial.


5. Why doesn't the tool recognize the latest changes I made to the source file?

Your browser is likely to be accessing a cached version of your source file. To fix this, see the Caching page.

If you're using a meta tag in your html page to control caching, you might have to delete it.


6. I can't make some features work. Is this a bug?

Re-download XML/SWF Charts to make sure you have the latest version. If this doesn't work, test the feature by copying the related sample code from the reference section. Test it without adding any other code to it. If it works, then add the same code to your chart and modify it.


7. I can't make some features work. Is this because I'm using an unregistered copy of XML/SWF Charts?

Unregistered copies work exactly the same as registered copies, except for the features listed on the Buy page. If you're unable to make other features work, see the above suggestion.


8. Why does the tool increase CPU utilization?

To improve performance, see this page.


9. How do I display charts behind a firewall?

Macromedia Flash Player makes connections over ports 1935, 443, and 80. Make sure all these ports stay open.


10. Why do I get a "... is not a function" error when I send a javascript message to the tool?

This happens when javascript communicates with the tool before it is fully rendered, when the tool is on a hidden DIV, or when the tool is outside of the javascript reach. If you hide the tool through DIVs, some browsers hide it from javascript even when it becomes visible again. To fix this problem, both the javascript function and the tool must be part of the same web page component and ready to communicate with each other.



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